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Hire information & Price guide

“Is the hall available for hire?”

The hall is available to hire, subject to availability on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. The hall is suitable for many uses, such as celebrations and family gatherings, large meetings and presentation events, community events, dances, recreation and fitness classes, children's parties and much more. The hall makes a nice bright and airy setting with the large windows or close the curtains all round for a more intimate setting during your event.

Please see our booking diary for availability. If you would like to hire on a regular basis please email.​

"Can I use outside organisers and caterers etc?"

Yes, previous hirers have dressed up the hall beautifully for wedding receptions and other events, where professional companies have been hired to run a bar, dress the hall, bring in alternative chairs and round tables and much more. 

The management committee must be notified of anything being hired in and agreed before you book with an outside company. You will be responsible for arranging delivery and collection on the same day of your event.

Hire rates:
From September 2019.

Main hall, stage area and kitchen facilities: Maximum permitted number of guests per booking is 100. 

  • Saturday/Sunday hire rate £25 per hour.

  • Friday evening hall hire (subject to availability, 4pm-midnight): £25 per hour.

  • Joe's Bar with serving hatch to the main hall, 2 light-up bar fridges, storage, work and display areas and a double sink unit can be hired for a one-off additional £15 when hiring the main hall.

Frank Claydon Annexe

  • Available with 4 tables and 18 cushioned chairs. Additional tables available if required.

  • Maximum capacity is 20.

  • Frank Clayden annexe room £8 per hour when hiring with main hall.

  • Can be hired separately by special request at £10 per hour. Recommended space for small group gatherings and meetings or creative classes. For more information please mail:

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

General information when hiring

  • Close refers to Friday/Saturday as midnight, Sunday 10pm and MUST include your time for clearing up and cleaning, with a recommendation through experience of at least 1 hour.

  • You must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions of hire agreement, before making a booking.

Full venue hire offer

  • Full venue hire; main hall, Joe's bar, Frank Clayden annexe, toilet facilities, cloak room, kitchen and it's utilities. 

  • Discounted Saturday hire price of £520 for 15.5 hours, 8:30am-midnight. Please see our Terms & conditions for security deposit information.

Music quiet hours:

"What are the music shut off times and quiet hours at the hall?"

In respect of our neighbouring community our quiet hours are as follows, Friday 11pm-8am, Saturday 11pm-8am and Sunday 9pm-8am. Hirers and their guests are kindly asked to leave with minimal disruption and noise at the end of their event and not to gather outside the main entrance at any time.


The main entrance door MUST be closed from 9pm and other exits, except in an emergency. 

Please do not allow your guests to congregate around these outside areas as this can disturb the adjacent residential homes. Please see T&C's for further information.

"Can I hire the Orsett village hall venue and include additional rooms and areas for my event?"

Yes, please send an email enquiry with the date, times and other details of your event and approximate number of guests and we will send you a quote.

Under this package price you would hire the following: Main hall with stage, adjacent kitchen with serving hatch to the hall, cloakroom, toilet facilities, Joe's bar with double sink and drinks fridges and serving hatch to the main hall. Frank Clayden annexe room and outside children's play area. (Please note, the play area is usable until 9pm only and the fire exit door should remain shut unless in the event of an emergency. As this outside area belongs to the Orsett Playgroup we respectfully ask that there is NO eating and drinking in this area).

"Can I use a smoke machine?"

No, smoke machines can set off the smoke alarms, especially on the stage.

"Are chairs and tables available?"

Yes, included in your hire are 27 6ftx2ft tables, 5 4ftx2ft tables, 2 5ftx2ft tables and 100 chairs. More available by special request. 

"Can I arrange a bouncy castle for use indoors/outside at the hall?"

Yes, bouncy castles have been used in the hall by hirers. Bouncy castles should be weighed down and not obstruct any entrances or exits or the noise limiter in the hall.

A small bouncy castle can also go in the enclosed, outside play area. This must be secured using weights and not pegged. Please check that the company you are hiring from is aware in advance.

There is a flat area of grass at the end of the carpark should you decide to have a larger bouncy castle outside and have it pegged down. 

"Where can my guests park?" 

The village hall carpark is suitable for up to 30 cars. Vehicles must not park on 'Mill Lane' under any circumstances, this includes the grass verges and the path outside the main entrance to allow access for local residents and emergency vehicles on the lane. 

Parking is not advisable on the High Road by the hall as this can cause poor visibility for passing traffic and block paved areas for pedestrians. We advise of further parking that can be found along side the village cricket green which is only a short 4-5 minute walk from the hall, on 'School Lane'. 

If you are holding a larger event we advise that guests are advised of the parking and that you have parking monitored where possible throughout your event.

"What can I use to put up decorations?"

Blue tac or white tac can be used on walls and windows. We do not allow the use of sellotape anywhere.

"Is clearing and cleaning up included in my hire?" 

No. All outside hirers of the village hall should respect the hall and it's facilities on offer by including additional time as part of their hire period.

Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the hall venue is cleared, swept and cleaned to a reasonable standard including the tables at the end of their hire period. This includes making sure that the carpark and other outside areas of the hall are also respected and left litter free, and rubbish placed in the bins provided in the car park. 

"Will the hall be ready for my hire?"

Our hall manager will check and make sure that the hall is cleaned and swept to a good standard, including toilet areas ready for the next hirer. Hirers should not access the hall before their allotted time to allow time for checks, cleaning and any urgent maintenance to be carried out.

"Where can I dispose of our rubbish?"

Large outside bins are provided for your convenience. Occasionally the purple 'Trade Waste' bins may be full and on this rare occasion we ask that you take any of your remaining recycling/rubbish with you to dispose of. If left outside this can cause vermin. 

NO oil or fat to be disposed of outside or in drains.

"Can I view the hall?"

Viewing can be arranged for larger events, however as the hall is run by volunteers around their existing commitments, we advise that you find a date and make your booking first as dates can get booked out quickly, and then email to arrange your viewing. This can prevent wasted time on your behalf and a full refund can be arranged within 48 hours, after your viewing should you change your mind.

"Can I cancel and get a full refund?" 

Yes, when booking in advance if you need to cancel your booking for any reason and another date cannot be arranged, a full refund can be made but not less than 6 weeks before your event. Please email and we will do what we reasonably can to provide you with another date or all or part refund. Please be aware your booking may incur a small admin fee of £30 for cancellations. 

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